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We need Chaplains! Interested in becoming a part of the Camp Jesus Family? Check out the Description of Expectations below and then apply here!

Chaplain Description of Expectations

The chaplain represents the church as a Christian presence and quiet witness among more than 10 million campers in USA parks. The chaplain is a “pastor” or friend to all persons in this setting where he or she serves regardless of their religious affiliation.

Each program is a unique blend of the chaplain’s gifts, campers, park staff and the local committee. All chaplaincy programs offer:

  1. Campsite visitation, using your listening, counseling and interpersonal skills.
  2. Informal, inspirational Interdenominational worship and bible teaching services.
  3. Facilitating weekly small group / bible studies.
  4. Availability to park staff and camps for crisis situations or needed information.
  5. Informal programs such as campfires, hymn sings, childrens’ programs, movies, special musical events, corporate meals.

The program in each park is planned in cooperation with Camp Jesus Ministry Leadership representatives. The program schedule is coordinated with the park superintendent and staff.


  • Emotionally and spiritually mature Christian; able to function in an unstructured situation.
  • Able to plan and carry out creative worship.
  • A self-starter; able to meet people easily.
  • Comfortable in an ecumenical situation and able to apply the Scriptures to daily life.
  • Skilled in public speaking.
  • Able to help others grow at their own chosen pace.
  • Aware of God’s creation and our responsibility to care for it as good stewards.

The following are valuable but not required:

  • Ability to lead singing
  • Proficiency with a musical instrument
  • Time management
  • Knowledge of the outdoors
  • Experience and training in counseling skills
  • Theological training equivalent to at least one year in an accredited seminary

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